Monday, July 13, 2009

The new house!

I'm starting to wonder if I'll have everything packed in time for the move two weeks from today, but then I realize I don't have much choice in the matter. I'm feeling a little like back in college when I procrastinated for weeks before a final then crammed all my studying into the 18 hours before test time (for whatever reason I know a few college freshmen who read my blog; ya'll don't do that, mmmkay?)

As promised, however, here are some pics of our soon-to-be home sweet home. I'm calling them "before" shots, since we have a list a mile long of improvements we want to make:

Raining when I took this shot, so I wasn't getting out of the car to get the whole house.

Does anyone know the technical term for this thing? Looks like something that will require climbing on rooftops someday.
I love the bay windows. There are three sets in the house!

'Cause you needed to see the stone close-up.

Must. Be. Climbed.

Handwashing sink in utility room. Weeee!

Unfinished kitchen cabinets that will soon be "ginger." Better known as medium brownish-y.

"Hey, let's put granite in, but that means we have no budget for a backsplash. Maybe The Hometeam won't notice..."

The third bay window in the dining room just off the kitchen. This one looks out onto the...ready for this...BACKYARD! (Which I have no pics of...sorry.)

Formal dining room. But we're not calling it that because we're not formal (suggestions for other names welcome).

Den. With a weird closet thing that we'll have to define sometime.

Sort of a shot of the yard. It has a fence and trees. I'm livin' the dream, I tell ya.

...and the house has a front door.

With a window like this in the office, I'm sure to write some inspired blog posts for once. Right now I'd settle for just writing.

Stairs...which I don't really like having, except I love these since they lead to...

...a gameroom!

More gameroom.

My favorite bathroom feature: they all have these bureau-type vanities.

Guest room upstairs, too. Crooked ceiling fan included.

Boys' room downstairs next to ours. They'll be rooming together until further notice. Or the fighting starts leaving scars.

"Oooo, and let's not replace any ceiling fans. We can call them vintage!"

The bad news: all the closets are small like this. The good news: there's four of them.

New appliances. Yay!

Storage in garage. I'm very excited about this since we won't have as large a utility room in the new house.

I'm also excited about having a screen door in the garage. Oh the little things...

Spot for our second fridge. I still have mine from my single life. Seriously, save a couple hundred and buy one for your garage. Priceless for summer time drinks and frozen treats, stocking bottled water, trays of party food.

Ceiling fan in the garage. I'm sure there's a sweet spot somewhere those three blades will cool...

Mickey's very intrigued by the mail drop set-up. When he saw this picture he asked "...what happens to the mail when the garage door goes up?" Hmm...

Not looking forward to fitting all my pots and pans in here.

The utility room sink again. I'm in love with it.

I may even leave one remaining piece of "vintage" in the house.


Chilihead said...

I LOVE IT! I can't wait to see it in person. :)

Things here are way too hectic and I know you're in moving hell. Let's get together in August, OK?

Anonymous said...

it looks really nice...I am sure you will enjoy it.

The Redheaded Lefty said...

Great house! The thing on the roof is a cupola! ;-)

Tracy said...

Wow it's gorgeous Christine! I especially love the windows, and the yard. Looks like you found the perfect place!!

Anonymous said...

I'm like Tracy, I love the windows, can't handle a closed up feeling. It is really pretty on the outside, too. The gameroom, backyard, and windows are great. Leave it to CA to think so critically about the mail. And Charlie can do wonders with a closet. rw

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I have some ideas for some pulls on the cabinets that I saw on TV last night. C-note makes a good point on the mail drop.rjl

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to go in the gameroom. I'm sure Grant and Lance will love it too! kristen

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see how you will fix it up. It will be a beautiful house and yard. Congratulations!
So, what does happen to the mail when the door is up?? Mamma

Anonymous said...

Finally a house they can play some decent one on one in. You also need to lay some bases down in that game room. It'll happen.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful home! Can't wait to see how you personalize it. Great family memories to be made. That mail box is interesting.
Cousin Linda