Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Checkin' in

So just for fun I checked out how many posts I put up here during the last few months. Seems I've been doing things other than writing. Oh, well. I'm so glad ya'll don't hold that against me.

On the house situation: as I mentioned before, we close on both the sale of our house and the new house on July 27. I've finally accumulated a few boxes and have actually packed one as of tonight. Packing is quite overwhelming to think about. So I'm preferring not to think about it. But I'm saying "no" to extra activities a lot, which will be a good thing when I decide to attack the packing head-on.

Tomorrow we visit the new house since I get to choose a stain color for the new kitchen cabinets. I'm more than incapable of making such a decision by myself, so I called a friend to meet me there to help me decide. She doesn't know it yet, but I'm also handing her a tape measure and a pencil to write down window measurements. None of the windows have any coverings on them, which will drive Pete to insanity within one day.

I'm hoping to snap a bunch of pics, too. Just maybe I can take some time to put some up here.

The inspection on the new house is scheduled for Thursday. We hope nothing major will be discovered, or that it is and we don't have to pay to have it fixed!

There's the whole incredible update; ya'll have a fabulous week.

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