Sunday, May 10, 2009

What's goin' on

A couple of weeks ago I was talking with my sister who lives only an hour away and I told her something or other the boys were doing and she says "wow, I didn't even know they were doing something or other!"

So for those of you who may be new here, or maybe just curious, or maybe you're reading this Monday morning and you're just putting off the day: here's a snapshot of the Home Team as we are right now. Stuff going on, coming up, and just the way things are settin' for the moment. Pardon the use of a numbered list...I used to write for a living and I miss them!

1. I stay home with the boys. I love it most days, and on the days when I don't love it so much, I still know I'm where I'm supposed to be. It really feels like all my years working up until now were just busy-ness while I waited for my destined role in life. That's not to say I wouldn't mind getting paid to write again. No siree, not at all.

2. The boys are in swimming lessons. Mickey and Alex are 5 and 3, respectively. They are currently in their second round of swimming lessons: twice weekly for four weeks. They absolutely love the water, so much so that the healthy fear of it I was hoping for has yet to surface. I'm starting to think I should have foregone the lessons and just bought bigger lifejackets every year.

3. We're planning to move to a new house. But not a new state, a new city, or even a new school district. Heck, I'd move down the street...if I could possibly score an extra cabinet or two and a fenced backyard. The process of getting our house listed is underway. Decluttering? Not so much.

4. Plans for summer. We're planning a visit to the metropolis of Branson, MO with Pete's family in June. I haven't been to Silver Dollar City since I was in seventh grade; they tell me it's changed a bit since then. I may see another year go by without getting to the beach...excuse me while I grab a Kleenex.

5. Pete's still working. And feeling fine. That's about all he'd like me to write about him, I think. Although I don't think he reads my blog so I believe I could write anything I wanted and he'd never find out. Think I should test that theory?

6. I win things. A few weeks ago I won a random drawing from a local radio station, then right after that a random drawing from BlogHer. With this beautiful randomness, I was able to purchase my dream DSLR camera (Sony a350) and a video camera (this thing is the same size as my point-and-shoot camera!). The DSLR box sat unopened on my table for two days. I'm still pretty terrified of it, but did manage to stop shaking enough to charge the battery. The manual is untouched so far, by the way. After seeing the amount of documentation on the DSLR, the lil' ol' video camera was a piece o' cake.

7. What I'm watching on TV. Nothing consistently. Until I can lock the boys outside in a yard for 30 minutes. I have friends who swear by DVR, but then I'd be watching TV at night instead of blogging. Horrors! I pretend I watch Idol, but really I just read updates the next day and try to chime in on the chatter like I know. It pains me to not keep up with The Office, though.

8. Pete and I just celebrated our six-year anniversary. Holy cow where did the time go?! We celebrated by attending a Fleetwood Mac concert. Pete...bless him...knows about two songs they sing, and yet he knew I'd love it. I did. I love him, too.

9. There's a fungus amung-us. I have a pretty creepy-looking breed of mushroom growing in my flower bed. I'm sure they have something to do with the 47 or so inches of rain (sic) we've had here in the last two weeks. Maybe they'll just disappear and I won't have to touch them...

10. The Okie blogger meet-up Moms' Night Out was a smashing success. I met so many bloggers I read on a regular of them has actually quit blogging but wanted to come anyway! What a dedicated soul!

Alrighty, that's about as snapshot-y as I'm gettin' right now. Unless you want to hear that I'm currently half-watching the Boston Celtics and the Orlando Magic in a playoffs game. And Pete's asleep along with the other two boys in my life. And I did three loads of laundry and shopped for a week's worth of groceries.

And I desperately sought a way to end this post. To no avail.


Lori Hill said...

Christine - I love the new look of your page - very cool! I can't wait to hear about the Fleetwood Mac concert. Is it safe to assume we are out for Def Leppard? I'm bummed if we are but I don't think anyone of us wanted to get vertigo at the concert :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a cool surprise when I opened your blog today! It looks very nice, especially the picture. Can't wait to see you all!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,
Just wanted to say thanks for checking out my blog. I havent gotten to do the shred over the weekend cause my play room is a disaster, but it isnt as bad as the name sounds...its rough, but its only 20 minutes.
Go for it

PF said...

The new look is very cool and love the picture! I told you that I was one of your lurkers but, that's only 98% of the time...2% of the time I leave a comment, like now!

Becky said...

Thanks for the snapshot! And your new look is very becoming!

Andrea said...

Jeff and I are in the market for a video camera - any advice you want to give us? I'm clueless.

By the way love the new look.

Anonymous said...

Hey Christine - love the new look. Can't believe Jerry missed sighting you at the Fleetwood Mac concert... I absolutely loved it! :) Shelia