Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New camera terror continues

So I got my Sony DSLR out of the case, charged the battery, inserted the battery, and turned it on.

And shot a bazillion photos on Auto.

I'm still waiting for a good time to open the manual. And then cross out all the extra languages so they don't add to my confusion.

I'm also studying Darren Rowse' Digital Photography School. There are enough tutorials out there to keep me busy until the boys graduate high school. Maybe by then I'll have figured the thing out.

I'm thinking I'm a bit behind in my camera education, however, since Ritz Camera has already asked me to REVIEW the camera I purchased from them.


It might go something like this:

"I just purchased the Sony a350. It's really fingerprints or anything. The box it came in was a lovely shade of a pumpkin! The camera has lots of shiny buttons that make noises when I push them. And the shutter has makes a very satisfying click, a lot more pleasant than my point-and-shoot. The neck strap works great. And attaching the lens to the body was a cinch.

And Auto works."

Ritz says I'd be entered to win $1000 for my submitting review.

But they may want to pay me not to.


Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

This is so exciting! I Just got a new camera (NOT SLR but still nice for me!) and I need to go through the book to learn how to use it!!


Anonymous said...

I think you should enter just what you said. I expect you to be able to take some cool pics at Rachel's graduation!

Becky said...

Thanks for the link to the Dig Photography School! I too have a new digital SLR that I am not qualified to own! I am loving it though.

Evan Stafford said...

Very thooughtful blog