Saturday, January 10, 2009


My teeth are already chattering. Next week I'm going to visit my niece who lives in New York City. The HIGH temp during the entire visit is 33. And that doesn't happen until the afternoon of the day we leave. Can you think of a more ideal time to vacation northward among skyscrapers than January?

In spite of that dismal forecast, I can't wait to get there! My sweet husband arranged the whole trip as a Christmas gift. I'm sure he thought it was slightly extravagant money-wise, but little does he know the bigger sacrifice is him going solo with the boys for three nights and four days. I don't think NYC has a souvenir in the whole city to match that effort...

I hope I'll be able to blog the experience while I'm there and maybe even post some pics. If I can move my frozen fingers.


Anonymous said...

All the more reason to shop for a fabulous coat in a color other than black and a gorgeous scarf! Hope you have a blast!

Brittany White said...

get here already! i promise, if you dress right, the cold won't bother you at all!