Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Things I realized I don't understand

Tomorrow we'll be out of school again for the ice storm (which was really ice, then a lot of sleet, then a nice layer of snow). The main roads in our city are clear, but the neighborhoods are still snow-packed so the clumsy school buses can't maneuver them. The boys' school, however, isn't really a school. It's a church with a Mother's Day Out program. Which brings me to my first wrinkled brow of the week:

Why should schools (or daycare providers or Mother's Day Out facilities) who don't operate bus routes close when the main roads are cuh-leeer?!

(Now here's where this post goes awry...prepare yourself.)

Why is this...thing...considered ham?

Why did everyone in my family eat it except for me?

Why do I bother to put clothes on my boys when we stay home?

Actually, there's nothing in this pic I don't understand...

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~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

I snorted with the last one.
And Sister, try trying to convince two kiddos Snow Days don't apply to homeschoolers...