Friday, January 09, 2009

10 things you shouldn't say to an OU Sooner fan today

It's a dismal day for the Home Team. Or shall I say, one very passionate Oklahoma Sooners fan who lives with us. And the sun is not out today either...Pete might say out of respect.

Anyway, in case you live or work with an OU fan, you might want to avoid a few statements like those below. At least until the sting wears off. Like next year or so. Or never.

1. (actually overheard as we watched the game with friends last night) "Now you know what it's like to be an OSU fan."

2. "So how many bowl games does that make that Coach Stoops has lost?"

3. "Maybe you can find another team to root for."

4. "Don't worry, they'll get 'em next year."

5. "Well, you think Texas should have been in the BCS Championship after all?"

6. "They may have lost but at least they got a free trip to the beach."

7. (After predicting the score would be 34-24 with OU winning) "Hey! I got Florida's score right!"

8. "Aren't you glad you didn't have any bets on that game..."

9. "Maybe next year they'll be a little more careful about who they choose as the Heisman Trophy winner."

...and finally, please don't say...

10. "...they're still the Big 12 champions and nothing can change that."

Feel free to add to the list in the comments...


~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

"Well, if it couldn't be OU, then I'm glad it was Tebow...he sure is a great kid!" - Uttered by a non-Okie relative.

Anonymous said...

#11 "I guess style points can only take you so far."