Friday, February 16, 2007

Flying Without a Net

Son 1 is going to be THREE YEARS OLD tomorrow. (I will save my sappy birthday post for the actual day.) I have been wondering, hoping, listening with utter envy to my other mom friends who have 2-year-olds who have been trained for months, and waiting for my son to "get it" and lose the diapers. Today may have been the turning point.

We left the house with UNDERWEAR on, not a diaper. (Okay, you know what I mean when I say "we," it's the "we" that means "he." You know...right? Okay, I just needed to clarify that.)

Yep, we actually got in the car, backed out of the driveway, and went places. Public places. Now, I have backup supplies my diaper bag has not seen since the newborn days: extra clothes, plastic bags, extra diapers in case I, uh, he needs to revert, and of course a fresh pair of underwear. None of these things were needed today! I must have driven the poor kid cah-razy with my "do you need to pee-pee" every 15 minutes. He actually did in the potty at our playgroup place and when we got home all was dry. Ahhhhh, what a victory for me, uh, him!!

I figure I will be cleaning up a few accidents along the way for sure. But I think we are one step closer to a one-kid-in-a-diaper family. Woo-hoo!!

UPDATE: Well, we didn't quite make it the whole day without a little accident. But Mommy has new strategies up her sleeve so not to worry!

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