Monday, February 19, 2007

And Birthday Season Continues

You might think that title means there are several birthdays we are celebrating. Nope. Just one. Three times: at a restaurant on Saturday since that was his actual birthday, yesterday here at home with family, and tomorrow with his Mother's Day Out classmates. Ahhh, I love my son but he's starting to sing "Happy Birthday" in his sleep.

Yesterday, however, was the big shindig with the cake and candles. Lots of fun for him and since he's already gone through this twice, his third birthday was smooth sailing. It was nice, I have to say, to sit back and watch him open his presents instead of coaxing him, uh, more like screaming in his ear, to tear a sheet. Of course, his ever-doting Aunt R. was right there to do it for him lest he be in the least big perplexed about how to get through the paper to the bounty beneath.

So now the real, selfish reason for the post: the cake! Made by me! Without a plan or even a vision, I set about to make his cake and I think it was not too bad an effort:

(I know, I know, I have now divulged Son 1's real name. Just forget you read that and move on about your blogs...)

All in all, a great time for the birthday boy and his little bro, who really thought all the presents were for him. Hmmm, that could have something to do with the fact that BOTH sides' grandparents showed up with a gift for him, too.

Must be something one learns at Grandparents' School...


Anonymous said...

Ca-yooot! In fact, 10 kinds of cute. You rock. I swear you can make any kind of cake.

Justice Fergie said...

love the cake! as soon as I saw the pic I thought to myself "I wonder if she MADE that?" my youngest's bday party is next weekend and i am proud to say that i am venturing to make the cake myself (for once)...wish me luck!