Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What, do you blog like you brush your teeth?

I sure hope you do not have my blog first on your blogroll, like this poor woman, because I'm thinking about now you are regretting it. There are several reasons for my post deficiency:

1. I have two little kids.

2. I have two little kids.

3. I have nothing of worth to write about.

4. I have two little kids.

Yikes, I have really got to think of a better list of excuses, since, helllooooo...One of the major reasons I started this blog was all the neat MOM blogs I was reading.

So here's my assignment fooooorrrr YOU! (Sorry, my boys are at Mother's Day Out today but Elmo lives on). I need to know your tricks for finding time to blog. Do you have a list of go-to topics? How long do you spend on a post? Are you people night owls or early risers? My aforementioned friend up there has some posts worthy of college term paper material, people!! Where do you find time in your mom-days to do it?

Tips appreciated...the jar is on the table.


Goslyn said...

You know, I've been asking myself the same question. How do people with brilliant blogs - like Chili, Shannon from Rocks in My Dryer, Daring Young Mom - how do they find time and energy to create such amazing posts?

I am looking forward to reading any tips your readers giver you.

I personally try to keep a running list of ideas, but it doesn't always work. Half the time they get recored on the dry erase board on the frige and erased before I've had time to write about them.

Anonymous said...

I don't have little kids anymore, but I have kids who need to be run here and there. I think it was mentioned on Boo Mama's sight how we don't sleep as much as we use to...meaning reading/posting done late at night (or for some early in the morning, or during naptime).

Now I have been telling everyone I can not keep my house clean due to all this football my kids have going on. (and they do have a lot) but I wonder if there is something else that is keeping me from cleaning my house....(ummm blogging ).

Laurel Wreath

Chilihead2 said...

Hey Laurel! We got it! LOL. J/K. I couldn't resist.

Here are my tips.
1.Start out little. Think of a few things that are not terribly important and just blog about them.

2. Do a meme to get those juices flowing and let your readers get to know you. If you read some of my early posts you'll probably find yourself in meme hell. After you get off the meme honemoon you'll find it's easier to write about things.

3. Soon you'll find you're looking at things in every day life as a blog post. You'll start composing in your head throughout the day. Then take 10 minutes and type them out. Done!

4. Remember you don't have to post about stuff that's happening right now. Think of funny or interesting things that have already happened.

5. There are plenty of celebrity mishaps going on. You can always weigh in on that. Even if it's obvious. ;)

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Because I mostly blog for family/friends who want to know what is happening in our family (read: what Jonathan has done lately!) I just try to keep a running mental list of things he's been doing lately. Also, if I think of something particularly "bloggable" then I'll actually write it on my to-to list, just so I don't forget.

Chris said...

I am a late-night blogger.

There, I've said it! Confession being good for the soul and all that, I will admit it is the best time for me to blog. The older kids are in bed (read: not fighting), the eldest kid is in bed (read: my husband doesn't have the TV blaring), the dog is in bed (OK, no real problem there), and I can blog in relative peace.

Ideas come from everywhere. I find myself driving down the road thinking "Gee, I wonder how I could blog about this?" But of course, I forget to write it down and promptly forget it, period. There are dry times, and for me they happen every week. However, I'm just glad to have an outlet to use that creative urge whenever it comes along!

And with that longwinded dissertation, I will stop. :0)