Monday, September 25, 2006

"Mommy, my tummy hu..."

Yeah, that's about all the notice I got on Saturday before I got a second look at Son One's breakfast. All day Saturday I just stared at his face, trying to make out any change at all that would indicate "sick" was about to happen. Sometimes I was successful, sometimes not. It's our sons' first bout with a stomach virus, ever. Luckily the other symptom that usually accompanies it didn't happen for either of them, which I am ever so thankful for since husband left on a business trip Sunday.

Son Two only had one incident and I happened to be holding him and standing near the kitchen sink. Lucky me. Not lucky sink.

Husband and I tried not to panic when our little ones were surprising us like this, but we must have looked a little like Lucy and Ethel at the candy factory. The first time it happened we didn't talk about it until about two hours after everything and everyone was cleaned up. I think we were in shock.

Everyone's all well now, and the plan is to post more frequently my mundane little entries for all the world to see. Hope they don't make you sick.


Chilihead2 said...

Ah yes, projectile vomiting. Just one of the reasons SAHMs get paid the big bucks. ;)

nicole said...

Stomach bugs are the worst. When it happens in the future, I have a suggestion for minimizing messes.

I cover my floor in towels, every available towel in the house. I station the ailing child(ren) on the towels. When they puke, all I have to do is pick up the towel and put it in the machine. Also, if it is warm enough, the kids don't wear clothes when sick. I let sick kiddles watch movies, which keeps them on the towels. Just something I thought I would share, as stomach bugs are brutal on the entire family.