Thursday, February 03, 2011

Blizzard: Day Three

That's right: I haven't updated my blog in a month and now I'm jumping into the fray in the middle, not even at the beginning, of Tulsa's big 'ol blizzard of 2011.  It's Day Three of the mayhem, and even though the snow has stopped falling it's really worse than the first day, you know, the one when we got all the snow and wasn't as bad for the road and temps situation as the last two have been.

Man, I'm boring.

But trudging onward...

Dwayne managed to get his truck out of the confines of the driveway yesterday and go to work, but I think he was one of about three people who made it.  And he was not happy about it.  For you motherly types out there, I did try to discourage him from going in but he was on a mission so I loaded him up with a big quilt and some rations in a paper bag, some coffee, and a Gatorade in case he sweat (huh?).  He worked almost the whole day and crept home while talking to me on his headset thing and informing me of two drivers who passed him and how he "waved" to them.  Thankfully he's made it driving about town without incident.  Or accident.

The boys and I...we're surviving.  The first day it was all fun and games and snow ice cream, now I'm just trying to keep them from hurting each other.  I made them little tickets to redeem for playing video games, each of them worth 30 minutes.  Give or take an hour.  So far it's keeping everyone happy.

Oh, and in preparation for the storm, we stopped at their school's library on Monday and loaded up on books, about a dozen or so.  Unfortunately, Carson only had about ten books left to go on his 100-books reading log and he managed to knock those out before the snow even stopped falling.  That little piece of paper on the refrigerator was such a motivator for him to read every day that I'm thinking of printing off another one for him to do before the end of the year.

As for Cooper, he didn't have a reading log but that little dude is reading his share nonetheless.  He can poke his way through Green Eggs and Ham and a couple of others.  He informed me last night that he would read to me any time I wanted him to...

Oh, and yes, we've been outside.  The first trip I stayed indoors in my flannel while Dwayne ventured out with the boys.  The drifts...they swallowed them up!  Carson came in and told me he had so much fun making lots of "trespasses" all over the yard.

I'll pause while you think about that one.

I did take snow photos but they are still on my camera with most of December's.  I'm so behind on photos...

To add to our drama...wait...there's no drama here.  I wish there was, actually.  But to add to whatever we have going on here, there's a leak in our roof that is drip-drip-dripping water into a pan in our living room.  This happened during the Christmas Eve Blizzard last year and the roofer guy assured us that was a freak storm and it would never happen again.  Thanks, roofer guy...

That's all I got.  Stay warm.

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Anonymous said...

Is that the same leak that was there when we visited at Christmas and thought it was the shower leaking?

Hang in there, it will be 100 degrees before we know it! And tell Carson you can't trespass in your own yard. He's so funny!

Christine said...

No, Janie, this is a different place. It's a well-constructed house.