Friday, May 14, 2010

Stormy debate

We moved into a new house last year. Our former house was where we got to enjoy our first ever micro-burst and an ice storm I like to refer to as 11 Days Without Power So I Went to My Mother's and I Sure Do Love My Mamma and the Boys Love Their Grandma But Wow Was I Glad to Be Home.

So now in our new house we have been officially initiated into it, having endured yesterday morning's storm that some are calling a tornado and others can't get enough of the term "straightline winds." Whatever it was, it plucked 30 or so shingles from our rooftop and scattered them about our yard, and left little holes in our roof so the rain of all day today would have someplace interesting to trickle. We were without power for about six hours...merely an inconvenience after 2007. And the limb cleanup in our yard continues, for sure.

But the biggest casualty may be my PC. The poor thing won't even power up. I've already been told to "get a Mac" twice now. I've not totally given up on my current box, but we've had it for four years so it could be time for something new anyway.

So today Coop and I found ourselves in the Apple store at the mall and I got to peck around on some of the beautiful machines on display. OH. MY. I didn't have much of a chance to play since I got a call from our roofer, which besides my husband is the only man who can make me drop everything and run to meet him.

Anyway, I may not want to show my face in that store again...since I asked the Apple person where the CPU was for the desktop. He smiled (or smirked, or guffawed) and said "ma'am, it's all right in here..." And then, not kidding, he CARRESSED the screen.

Maybe it's a little like when I was a kid and I got to ride in my friends' cars who had AUTOMATIC windows while my family car still had the roll-up kind. Once you've seen that, you never want to go back.

I've worked on PCs my whole adult life. Once I was forced to use a Mac when I worked with a graphic artist, and I said, "oh, this is like Windows..." and she said "um, no, Windows is like THIS." And she said "like" as if she'd just drank acid. And she's not the first person I've known to choke on the word "PC."

Who knows what I'll do here in the near future. For now, I'm using my teeny-tiny netbook that might get me through for a while.

In the meantime, I'm interested to hear of any long-time PC users who have made the switch to a Mac. Why did you make the switch? Is there anything about using a PC that you miss? What is your favorite feature of your Mac? And would you advise this waffling PC user to take the plunge as well?

christine sigThanks for any input you might have. I'm off to go watch for drips from my ceiling and Google "patron saint of electronics."


Anonymous said...

My oldest says PC. I can't remember why. He sort of lost me in the explanation....


Anonymous said...

Huh? rw

Anonymous said...

Please don't get a MAC because then I won't know how to snoop through your email or creep on your facebook page when I come over.

Ashley Duvall said...

I have a MAC and I absolutely love it. It doesn't take too long to get used to! It doesn't ever cause any problems and I love how I can organize tons of things on it. I would recommend it to anyone =)

Kellyology said...

I switched to a Mac this past year when my old PC fried up. I had some time adjusting to it, but if you're a blogger and you love doing media inspired things like photography, making videos, blogging, etc. you will love the Mac so much more than your PC. There were some quirky key stroke changes that I had to learn how to make, and it was frustrating at the beginning making the switch, but I as of right now, I love my Mac.

Chelsea said...

I've had and worked on both. I miss using the Mac I used in college.