Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The everything post

Here we go: kind of like the Everything Bagel, which I never get because I'm not sure if it's supposed to be eaten for breakfast or for a snack.

But this's good all day. And probably for the next week if I'm gonna be consistently scarce out here.

To update you on the Home Team's goings on:

1. My new nephew Stetson is still cute. Is it possible to desperately miss a baby when it isn't yours and you've only spent an hour with him? I'm sayin' it is...

2. I won a drawing! I hope this'll be the start of a contest winning streak for's been way too long since I got sumpin' for nuttin'. My latest gift from the Internets is a gorgeous piece of Frankoma bakeware, made right here in Oklahoma. Somewhere close to Tulsa, too, but I have no idea where. Anyway, Frankoma's been around forever, and their pottery is great quality. In spite of the fact that it's "very easy to use," it came with two pages of instructions. Maybe I'll just look at it for a long time.

But the prize isn't the fun part of the prize here. The fun part is that I won it from Cook Time with Remmi. Little Remmi Smith is the daughter of a fabulous woman I used to work for in my previous life. She was my boss's boss but I was lucky enough to work directly with her on many writing assignments. Hmm, maybe I should rephrase: she gave me writing assignments and I did them. Happily.

But, like me, she moved on from the corporate world. She's helping her daughter help kids develop a love for cooking and for healthy dishes. Check out their site, and put your kids to work in the kitchen!

3. My friend Lori sent me this Xerox-sponsored link to thank our troops. It's legit. It's easy. It's free. No excuses. Thanks, Lori!

4. I ordered a personalized Christmas gift and received it yesterday. I was basking in the glow of having ordered it so far in advance and also the fact that I created it...until I realized it has a typo. This kept me awake last night. Then it gave me nightmares. I should just think of this item before I sit down to a meal and I will instantly lose my appetite. Should I reorder it at a cost of $35 or patch it? Frankly, neither of those options settle my stomach.

5. I went to have my eyebrows shaped for the first time. I'll save you the long story: the short story is the woman wanted me to come back in three weeks, and during that time I was not to tweeze at all. I lasted three days. Was she serious?!

6. My dear husband subjected me to Paul Blart: Mall Cop last night. When should I forgive him? If you see this movie anywhere, please spend that hour and a half scrubbing your toilet with a'll feel a lot better afterward.

Ya'll have a good Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

"Desperately miss him" is a great description. As I speak I am only 3 min. away and tempted to go see him on my break. Congrats on the Frank. Not ready for holidays, I'm still mowing grass. rw

Chilihead said...

I feel ya on the typo. Remember those resumes I gave you for STC one year? Yeah, the day after you left I found a typo. ;)

Also, my kids made me watch Paul Blart. From them I can understand. Your husband has some 'splainin to do and some dishes and laundry to make up for that. LOL

Lunch soon? We're in the home stretch!

Anonymous said...

I watched Paul Blart as well. I prefer him as Doug Hepernen on the King of Queens. I can't wait to see the Stet so I can start missing him too!