Saturday, November 22, 2008

All I'm saying...

(Update: This is my 400th blog post...glad I could provide you such riveting content on this special day.)

When the Evil Strep has finally done its damage and left, and my throat no longer feels like someone pinching the furthest recesses of my tongue with the strength of Alex, and my jaws don't hurt, and my neck is fully functioning...

I'm going to get a 24 oz. bottle of water. And a straw. And get the bottle of water to the perfect temperature, when it's cold enough to quench your thirst but not so cold it starts hurting before you can finish. Yeah, that temp.

Then I'm going to put the straw in, take a deep breath, and I'm drinking the ENTIRE bottle in one breath.

I may have to blog the ecstasy.

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Anonymous said...

Strep is bad stuff, that's weird to get it twice in 1 year.