Monday, October 02, 2006

My First Meme!

My good friend Chilihead tagged me for this meme (somewhere there is a definition of the word, but the short meaning of "meme" is a bunch of get-to-know-you questions). Here goes:

1. Favorite memory of your mother? I remember how soft and warm she felt when she hugged me, which was all the time. And I remember rocking with her in the rocking chair, even after I was probably too big. And I remember how she would always tell me I was the "sweetest little girl in the whoooole world!!" (And I have 10 siblings!) In spite of our big family, my mom never didn't have time for me. I remember some of her sayings that she had me believing when I was a teenager: "he's not good enough to date my daughter..." which was usually true, and "your car runs better when it's clean..." Good one, mom.

2. Favorite memory of your father? That's hard because I only knew him a short time: he died from cancer when I was four (liver cancer, though he was a non-smoker and only a casual drinker). Anyway, I really just remember him lying down in bed. But if you listen to my mom talk about him, you would think he could walk on water.

3. Favorite memory of your sibling(s)? Wow, a lot there, too. Recently? Florida, Florida, Florida. Several of us and our families have made the trip to the panhandle every summer for ten years. Some of my happiest memories are about the beach. It has brought us closer in so many ways... And my nieces and nephews. They are glue when it comes to keeping the sibs together.

4. What one skill would you like to wake up tomorrow and be able to do (though you'd never learned it)? Figure skate. Olympic-quality. I figure if I have the skill for it I'll also have the body for it.

5. Which one of your dreams has come true? Marrying my husband. He makes me feel like I'm the only person that matters. And becoming a mother.

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Chilihead2 said...

Beautiful. I'm so glad you played along.

I think the FL trips should be called "Debauchery in Destin" though. ;)