Thursday, August 31, 2006

My day off tomorrow can't come soon enough

My dear DH (redundant? I think not) has given me a vacation day tomorrow. I get the whole day to myself while he and his mom and dad entertain the boys with lunch out and a visit to the park. I'm still trying to map my route for the day...I guess I should get busy!

I've been pretty tired lately and yes, I need a break, but does exhaustion cause one to be just dumb? Take a look at the bottom shelf in my pantry from yesterday:

Yes, that would be a package of Virginia ham in the basket. In my haste to clean up lunch I must have forgotten that, uh, lunchmeat has a home called the 'fridge, and it should never stray from its home for more than two hours (DH looooves that little rule). I discovered it when I started to prepare dinner about 4:00, so into the trash it went.

So looks like first on my list to do tomorrow to be smart. Or at least fake it really well...


the lizness said...

ewww, I have done that, and found a package of ham still in its Kroger bag where I keep the Kroger bags - not in the fridge *phew!

Chilihead2 said...

LOL. Have a great day! Ihloff anyone?